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Bonded and Forged For Life (PG) Part 1 Neal & the Gang

Title: Bonded and Forged For Life
Author: huffydoo
Rating: PG
Characters: Neal and the Gang - Gen
Word Count: 2,606
Spoilers: None
Warnings: mention of child abuse, mention of child witnessing murder, some medical squickiness to come

Done in answer to embroiderama's great prompt on collarcorner, and a thank you to the great story she just posted. 

Bonded and Forged for LifeCollapse )

Sunlight 2 - Continuing on with the Verse.
See "Simple Joys of Sunlight" for the information on this verse.

This vignette is going to be longer and covering Peter's first attempted at solo care of infant Neal for a full day with El away. 

Spending the Day with Daddy

He was nervous.Collapse )

The Simple Joy of Sunlight
Title: The Simple Joy of Sunlight
Author: Huffydoo
Disclaimer: Nope don't own them, just rent them
Warnings: maybe lacking too much on the HC. Just wanted to do a Little Neal showcasing Neal and Elizabeth and her feelings.
Summary: A six month old and sunshine are the perfect remedy for a bridezilla

The Simple Joy of Sunlight

Goodbye Mi Amigo
Last Tuesday, a brave man and a true warrior passed away. He wasn't in the armed forces or a war zone. He fought a hard foe. He fought cancer. He fought long and hard for four years. Even while he fought, he focused hard on making sure that his friends were doing well. He was always there with a cyber hug or a laugh. He was there with plot bunnies or really weird pictures or just to make sure things were going on a good keel. He was one of the finest men I have ever met. We never met in person, unfortunately, but he was family in every way that is important. Bless you now and bless you always Q O'Shea. You are the best of the best 

Okay, today really really sucked. I went to the grocery store with my friend Steve. I partly just really, REALLY needed to get out of the camper. The wind is howiing again today and it is just fraying my nerves and I want to cry. The heater has been going most of the day. I'm worrying about running out of propane. So, I went and got some stuff for lunch and paid for it on my EBT (food stamp) card. Its humiliating enough going from self-supporting, IRAs, money in the bank, good prospects, to being on disability with medicaid and food stamps. I bought a container of egg salad to have for several days worth of sandwiches. Ok, cue humiliation. They had coded the egg salad wrong so first it wasn't covered by the EBT. Well, that would be okay, first time I've really used it. No, the cashier calls out LOUDLY to the managers behind the customer service counter about whether of not the egg salad was able to be purchased by EBT. I wanted to die. Now everyone around knew I was paying with EBT, damn fucking pride. I wanted to die or disappear. At least they did fix the coding on the egg salad. Damn fucking FLOOD! It took the house, most of my possessions, and now it wants to take my pride. Trying to find out WHEN we get the trailer and its basically, you're on the list, don't call us, we'll call you. This day is JUST SUCKING! Ok, sorry for venting. I just can't help it today. I try to be positive and upbeat but today I am feeling anything but. I just really need a hug. 

Quick thing as to who I am
H/C - Fluff junkie! Hating at the moment USA's bizarre seasons as my two favorites are both on hiatus at the same time. (Insert crying hysterically and suffering major withdrawal symptoms.) My favorite shows are White Collar and Suits! I post to both collarkink (though usually anonymously) and suitsmeme or now suits_meme. I am an unabashed slasher. My favorite ships are Peter/Neal, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, Mike/Harvey, Mike/Louis/Harvey. I love kid fics whether the characters are deaged or whether the characters have children. I like the idea of mpreg. Currently I am flooded out and my computer is my connection to the outside world. I can read a lot of things except one of the characters being treated as an object/possession without it being consensual and spanking/humiliation again unless it is consensual. Too many triggers for me otherwise.W